A levels for expats

Feel at home

You face a great challenge when settling in a foreign country with young children, furthermore if they are post 16. According to HSBC study , 38% of youngsters never feel at home. Apart from missing friends and family, one of the most difficult targets is to adapt to a new culture and feel confident in a new education system.


Expat students adapt better to education. 

Those are the main reasons placing Sixth Form 21 as a real alternative to traditional schooling both International or Spanish: 

  • First we interview students to get a well rounded personal and academic profile.
  • Learning is easier with qualified and experienced teachers. 
  • A continuous tracking on progress both personal- emotional and as a learner.
  • Our flexible timetables revolve around your lifestyle and is also key  giving them time to pursue other interests , especially for elite athletes.
  • A welcoming and warm environment for learning in small groups, promoting independent learning and further enquiry. 
  • A strong emphasis on university applications with focus on students profile enrichment.
Expats Sixth Form 21