Elite Athletes

The  balance for success

If you are teaching an athletic student with a special talent in sport, you will understand both the joys and challenges they face on their educational journey. We understand the challenges and we can help them excel in both their sport and their studies.

“Saving time”

Being educated at Sixth Form 21 means athletes are able to travel to sporting events and compete at a high level, without falling behind in their studies.
We adapt to a wide range of sports including individual or team sports ( tennis , golf or horse riding , football, basketball, synchronised swimming…..)

Combining schedules: team work for athletes

By studying at Sixth Form 21 athletes have the flexibility to fit studies around sporting commitments and the opportunity to be successful in both.

We understand that schooling elite athletes is a delicate balancing act. Our Student Progress Managers will advise and counsel each student when they join us to ensure they will be able to maintain their various commitments. And we tailor their assignment schedule to meet their individual needs.

We always involve parents and coaches in this process and we work as a team to make sure students can realise their full potential both educationally and in their sporting ambitions.

Why Sixth Form 21?


Value added for elite athletes

Value added for elite athletes is achieved due to: 

  • Reducing stress in everyday routines.
  • Improving effective time management. 
  • Caring and dedicated teaching and learning .
  • Personalised curriculum.
  • Effective routines and work ethics.
  • Streaming live and recorded lessons during sporting trips. 
  • A wider opportunity to be successful in exams. 
  • A team on hand to help and support  with career choices and look at various career paths that could be taken..
  • Self-directed- study and decision making skills. 

SF21 works in collaboration with sports federations and clubs:

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