Careers Advice

Dedicated support to higher studies application.

Universities either in Spain or International offer a wide range of degrees, postgraduates, masters and exchanges, so a suitable choice of a course, a country or even a gap year has become a research and analysis task, where professional guidance and support is vital.

Careers advice in Sixth Form 21

To give effective career advice it is essential to know students’ professional preferences, school history together with the range of opportunities offered by universities.

To provide the best quality advice we collaborate with Edukonexion for UCAS and other European universities applications, and with MAE sports for USA admissions and sports scholarships. 

For Spanish universities it is also essential a technical search of requests in different Comunidades Autónomas carried by Sixth Form 21 careers advisors. Get in touch

To start with an accurate pre- university education we follow 5 steps: 

We further enrich students profiles by: 

  • Enquiring for requirements and profiles searched by employers.
  • Providing volunteering and work experiences.
  • Attending professional talks.
  • Participating in university fairs and other professional opportunities.
  • Attending working hubs and open courses.
  • Providing opportunities for vital networks. 
  • Participating in other alternative projects such as EYP, EPQ, translation competition..

At the end of their education we process validations, UNED accreditations , reference letters and certificates. 

Coaching orientación universitaria

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