International A Level Qualification
(A Levels)

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We are facilitators leading each student to achieve the best results in exams and reach personal aspirations.

¿Why the choice of an International A Level qualification?

¿What do A Levels develop?
  • Fulfillment of talents.
  • Encouragement of thinking and communication skills.
  • Decision- making , setting priorities , analysis and evaluation.
  • Sustained effort, time management,responsibility,  perseverance, risk taking.
  • Autonomy and maturity in approaches to learning.
  • Global issues and environment fundamental acknowledgement.

Value added of International A Level qualifications: 

  • Adaptability and flexibility in subject choice, timetables and exams sessions.
  • Specialisation: individual curriculum setting based on talents and aspirations.
  • Encouragement of maturity, autonomy in learning and research, analysis and thinking skills.
  • Opportunities for exam resits.
  • International recognition for university applications.

And more detail

A two years programme  for A Level subjects (Year 12 & Year 13) for: 

  • Exams in January and June sessions.
  • Full preparation of Spanish specialised subject exams for university access ( EBAU, PCE – UNED).
  • Smaller classes and less distractions.
  • A wealth of online resources and recorded lessons if needed.
  • Individual mentoring, support and coaching. 
  • UCAS and European university application guidance with an external outstanding agent  
  • USA application and scholarships guidance. 
  • SPAIN careers counselling.
  • Students profile enrichment : workshops, open courses, Python courses, work experience, volunteering and international leadership project programmes. 
  • Languages International Accreditation.
  • Technical administration procedures, validations and full university admission processes. 
  • A wide choice of A Level courses.

Personalised tracking

  •  First assessment and clear objectives for learning.
  • Assignments tailored monthly schedule. 
  • Marking with both written and oral feedback,  assessment criteria and further  target setting.
  • Mocks with accurate assessment criteria for grades prediction.
  • Continued assessment and sustained training on exam techniques leading to successful results. 
  • Tracking with a personal “Progress Manager
  • Full coordination with sports coaches/trainers.
  • Development of study skills.
  • Diagnose and guidance for additional learning needs (external and on request).

Students will benefit from...

  • Support and guidance whilst being autonomous.
  • Self awareness  of strengths and weaknesses management.
  • Fulfilling their potential in exams.
  • Being informed and involved in the purpose of their learning.
  • Full participation when live streaming lessons.
  • Good planning and clear schedule of assignments, especially vital for elite athletes.

Why to choose International A Levels with Pearson Edexcel

  • Flexible and modular structure.
  • Multiple examinations opportunities
  • Accessible examination papers
  • IAS results contribute to IAL grade.
  • Recognised by universities worldwide.
  • Internationally relevant content.

An appropiate selection of subjects

At Sixth Form 21 we develop our subject choice according to our students’ demand, developing in all of them transferable skills valued by universities and employers. Every year the range of subjects is wider, adjusting the demand.

Current selection of subjects align with the following needs :

  • a curriculum design aiming to reach the best universities opportunities,
  • a balanced curriculum that enables an effective use of time for elite athletes aiming for an excellent education, 
  • to study our A Levels in addition to the students current school’s offer as a perfect solution to combine their current studies with our subject offer. 

Admissions Open for 2024-25

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